Hamburger Cookies vs. Cheeseburger Cupcakes


One of my co-workers recently brought in some really delicious homemade hamburger cookies. I'd never heard of them before. Basically, they consist of Nilla wafers (as the bun), a thin mint as the burger, some sesame seeds on top, and your choice of condiment colored frosting for the ketchup and mustard. They were amazing. Now she sends me this great pictorial of how to make CHEESEBURGER CUPCAKES!!! I need to make these soon. I can't wait to try them.


Grilled cheese, meet breakfast sandwich

So, I woke up a little hungover yesterday and wanted something delicious in my mouth. Problem was, I couldn't decide between a grilled cheese or breakfast sandwich. So I decided to have both. Introducing the grilled cheese breakfast sandwich.

Bread (sourdough is my fave)
Cheese - I mixed sharp white cheddar and regular cheddar, but feel free to be adventurous
Red onion
Butter (for grilling)

1. Chop up the onion and jalepeño, grill in pan with butter, remove when done.
2. Using the same pan, fry as many eggs as you want, the way you want.
3. Shred the cheese, a fine shred is better.
4. Slice the tomato.
5. Assemble the sandwich:
• First put half of the cheese on one slice of bread.
• Top the cheese with the grilled onions and jalepeños.
• Place eggs on top of the cheese.
• Place tomato slices on top of eggs.
• Sprinkle the rest of the cheese over the pile of goodness.
• Put the other slice of bread on top and get ready for the grillin.
6. Put some more butter in the pan. Put sandwich in and grill away until nice and melty and crunchy.
7. Sit back and enjoy the deliciousness.


sweet din dins

hi guys. i moved and had issues for 2 nights with the fact that i couldn't cook because my pans were in a box and i had no groceries. also, it's 2 degrees in san francisco and i only had 5 minutes to shop at the corner store. what i decided to do was buy some basil and a shallot, a baguette and some cheese. i had various tomato shits in cans in my cuboard. i pureed canned tomatoes, sauteed garlic, shallot and some basil in olive oil, added tomato paste and pureed toms with a cup of stock and a dot of milk. bubbled that junk up while i sliced up the bread and on each piece, i put dijon on one side and earth balance on the other. put some cheese in the middle and threw that junk on my panini pan. voila.
props to dr. balz and mr. rad pants for the delish beer in the background. also props to my man friend/roommate for the sex and the city series set in the backbackground which has been saving me until my post-move cable gets hooked up.


yummy stuff for your turkey day

thanksgiving veggie platter. so easy and so delicious. brussel sprouts, cut in half but not all of the way, asparagus with the ouch ends cut off, mini zucchinis cut in half. sprinkle with salt, pepper and olive oil.

yummy green beans look like snakes. toss em in a flat pan with a wee bit of earth balance and some spices. cover that up and ignore for 5 minutes.
these twice baked potatoes scratch the itch that can only be satisfied by butter and cheese. roast pots in an oven for an hour or so. that might be called baking. fork em so they done explode. then cut em in half, scoop out their innards and make unhealthy mashers out of them. scoop the mashers back into the skins that you didn't break while scooping. cover with shredded cheese and put em back in the oven until browned yum town. word?


cheesy fries

Simple yet genius.


Fries (Criss-cut in this instance)
Various sauces (BBQ, peppered ketchup, ranch, mustard, etc.)

Bake fries, shred cheese on top. Dip.



a baking class!

so i recently took a baking class at sur la table here in FRISCO, BABY! it was about $75 and my friend and i spent three hours making quick breads with two retired lesbians. it was like looking in a weird bizarro mirror. anyhoo, it was so fun! other than the fact that i was ridiculously hungover. so we made 5 things. clockwise from the red dotted thing up top, they were:

1. roasted red pepper, basil, feta cheese muffins: i accidentally stole the buttermilk of the ladies to my right which was measured at 3/4 cups rather than 1 cup so i think they ended up a little dry. i also think they coulda used a little bit more cheese. you don't want to stir quick breads too much so i refrained but it resulted in a lot of cheese here and not much there. you could also substitute with goat cheese and sauted onions, that sounds YUUUUM TOWN.

2. sour cream streusel coffee cake: my group of two didn't actually bake this, but the ladies who did did an excellent job. it was moist and hella delish. you put this cinnamon, pecan, cocoa powder mixture all up inside of it. SCARF CARBS.

3. sour cherry and orange scones: yum. we didn't make these either but they were hot delish and looked pretty easy. they whipped them up in a big food processor. it allows for much customization (almond extract? dried apricots? some nuts? yes!) and you can make them in any shape you wanna. AMAZING.

4. pumpkin walnut bread with creamcheese frosting: holy eff. we made this and it was my favorite. we really worked out that frosting with some lemon zest. we also chopped, but not too finely, the walnuts. i would be down to throw some pecans in instead cuz i like them better. and you can have it with or without frosting. or you can do it in cupcakes. HELLO AUTUMNAL DELISH!

5. parmesean and rosemary popovers: not, these blew. they didn't pop and they were a little heavy. maybe nextime. IFFY HAPPY MOUTH.


light house gummies?

we at total snack attack love gummy candy. especially on the weekends while settling catan. also, most of us either like or have dongs, however, this lighthouse disguised as weiner gummy is a bit uncomfy. don't you think?